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63 : eminently [Sep. 5th, 2004|03:54 pm]
Word Of The Day


eminently (adv) \EM-ih-nunt-lee\

: to a high degree : very

Example sentence:

One glance at Emily's accomplished résumé, and the interviewer knew she was eminently qualified for the job.

When British physician Tobias Venner wrote in 1620 of houses "somewhat eminently situated," he used "eminently" in a way that now seems unusual. Venner meant that the houses were literally located in a high place. That lofty use of "eminently" has since slipped into obsolescence, but it stands out as a clear pointer to the ancestors of the word. "Eminently" traces to the Latin term "eminēre," which means "to stand out." In its first documented English uses in the 15th century, the term meant "conspicuously," but that sense, like the elevated one we mentioned earlier, is now obsolete. The figurative sense for which the word is best known today began appearing in English texts in the mid-1600s.