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64 : predilection [Sep. 5th, 2004|03:56 pm]
Word Of The Day


predilection (n) \preh-duh-LEK-shun\

: an established preference for something

Example sentence:

Though Bella lived in the mountains she was partial to the sea, a predilection that led her to spend two weeks each September at a small cottage on the shore.

Do you have a predilection for words whose histories conjure up colorful images of Wild West heroes, medieval knaves, Arabian princes, and intemperate gods, or are words with straightforward Latin roots more your style? If you favor the latter, you'll love "predilection." It comes to us through French, but it's based on the combination of the Latin "prae-" and "diligere" (meaning "to love"). Together they form "praediligere," a Latin verb meaning "to love more" or "to prefer." "Diligere" is also the root of English "diligent" and is based on the Latin verb "legere," which means "to gather" or "to read." That versatile root is itself the source of many other familiar English words, including "legend," "collect," "lesson," "sacrilege," and "legume."