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Word of the Day

...and writings inspired from it.

Word Of The Day
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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the word of the day and write something from it. Anything is acceptable: Original fiction, fanfiction, poetry, comedy skits, personal essays...you name it.

The moderators will be Kas and Makoto (yosegaki).

At the moment, the chosen words of the day are coming from webster.com, so if someone doesn't get in early enough to post one, and you're already wondering, feel free to go pull the word from there and use it.

A few ground rules:

1. No Flaming others for their writing.

This does not mean you cannot leave constructive criticism. This does not mean you cannot point out mistakes. What it means is that this will be a safe enviroment for people to post their work in without fear of being outright slammed. "Your writing sucks" Will be considerd an unacceptable comment. If you feel someone's writing sucks, there's probably a reason for it: Poor characterization, lack of grammar, not liking the style. These are all acceptable things to post in a comment. Constructive criticism is helpful for writers. Let's face it, there's not a single person who couldn't use improvment. There's nothing wrong with that.

2. The LJ-cut tag is your friend.

Please, please, please put your writing behind a cut tag. This makes it easy for people to skip over things they do not wish to read, and also keeps from flooding friends-lists. Moderators cannot edit your posts, but we can delete them.

3. Posting Format

Please use the following as a general guideline for anything you post:

Word count:

These are generally the most important things, and should be posted above the lj-cut tag.

An entry should, generally, be formatted with the above things, then the cut tag, and then your writing. If you post more things, feel free to close your LJ-cut tag and put more than one entry in a post if you'd like.

A title isn't absolutely nessecary, as sometimes it's difficult to come up with one for short drabbles or essays. However, it's helpful to keep in practice with coming up with catchy titles that lure readers in.

A rating, however, is. Because we're not putting an age limit on the community, it's essential that the work be properly rated so that people are warned about its content. If you choose to read something rated R or NC-17 and are not of age, you're saying you're mature enough to handle it, and that you won't hold us responsible for your choice.

Word Count is helpful. It allows people to decide if they have time in a setting to read what you've written. Some people check journals in short bursts, or have too short of attention spans to sit through long pieces of work. Word Count is a courtesy.

Format covers what your writing is, whether it be a personal essay, a poem, fiction with original characters, writing from life, or whatever else you think might describe the format in which your piece is written.

Fandom: Not always applicable, but as the moderators generally write a lot of fanfiction, we felt it fair to include it. Fanfiction is still writing, and it can be a good outlet for keeping in practice and keeping your skills honed. Because not everyone may know your fandom, it's appriciated that you list which one you're writing from. If there are spoilers in your fic it must be labled. If it's something with arcs or books, where the spoilers are up to is also helpful. This is the proper place to do so.

When writing from a fandom, please, please, please include a disclaimer.

Notes are a good place for discussing your creative process, what inspired you to write the piece, or what you hope to make people understand from it. It's also a good place to give teaser summaries on longer pieces.


Rules are subject to change, be modified or be added to without warning.
They're not here to make the community difficult, but to make it a more conductive and easily managable place. Please, feel free to email or leave comments if you have questions about a rule, or want to discuss one of them. Lines of communication are a good thing to keep open.

Have fun, and keep writing.


Note: Community layout has not been setup yet. Connection's not working terribly well the last couple of days. I'll get to it as soon as I can.